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There are two main types of parent visa applications that can be lodged namely, Parent and Contributory Parent categories.

These applications are for parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens whose age is equivalent to a person eligible to apply for the Australian Aged pension (if lodged onshore). Applicants can also include their dependent children in the application.

Contributory Aged Parent – Onshore and Offshore

Contributory categories are such that the application fee includes a very large sum for the second instalment, payable before the visa is granted. This second instalment is made to help cover the costs associated with older people migrating to Australia. This visa costs more than the Parent visa but is generally processed faster taking about three years based on the recent processing times published by the Australian government.

You can apply for this type of visa as:

  • a temporary visa – valid for two years; OR
  • a permanent visa; OR
  • as a two stage temporary to permanent visa application process.

Non – Contributory Parent

  • Aged Parent – Onshore; and
  • Parent – Offshore

This type of application can take many years (30+ years) with the number of visas issued each program year being smaller than in most other family based categories. The number of visas issued each year is capped, meaning applications become queued for many years.

The non-contributory applications are both applications for permanent residence.

In all applications parents must:

  • have an eligible sponsor;
  • they must meet the balance of family test;
  • meet the health and character requirements.
  • They must agree to and sign an Australian values statement
  • The sponsor to pay an Assurance of Support.
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